A couple of useful resources with links


The table class adds basic styling (light padding and only horizontal dividers) to a table:

Website About Format Foodlists providing names such as GL (Glycaemic Load), units, Mass and comments on consumption. Website
Health Wise Diabetes Shopping list of healthier food choices. PDF Provide an affordable and tasty recipes for those living with diabetes. PDF
Handy-Servings-Guide A handy guide on how to use your hand to estimate serving sizes and
compare them to the food portions you eat.
.ASPX File Extension


Website About Format How to Identify Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) Website Myths and Facts About Insulin


Website About Format About My Insulin Pen Website How to Treat Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) with The Rule of 15

Exercises/ Oefeninge

Website About Format Tips for starting new activities and exercises. PDF


Website About Format A website dedicated for educating and supporting people, families who have diabetes. Acting as an advocate for people with diabetes, also providing cheaper medication and improved services. Creating awareness of diabetes, its prevention and its symptoms and risks. Website A website for diabetes management solutions enterprise in South Africa. Their aim is to improve the health and the lives of people with diabetes. Website


Website About Format A registered non-profit membership organisation built around a database of healthcare information. Website They sell special medical tags and accessories that provide medical information for emergency situations. (I . C . E – In Case of Emergency) (T . A . G . S – Tactical And Gear Specialists) Website